Here's a look at some recent reviews of Whatever You Wanted: 

Michael Hingston writes in Country Music People's Americana Roundup that Whatever You Wanted has “carefully crafted songs” on a “superb album” and makes mention of Bradshaw's “soulful voice” and the “detailed and diverse arrangements of the songs.” 

Allan McKay of Musicriot UK says: “Bradshaw's voice is the real selling-point for the album: it’s warm and soulful and the close-miking creates a very intimate feel that shifts seamlessly from the silky, Chris Isaak-like Crazy Heart to the Bob Seger feel of the album’s perfect closing track, The Long Ride Home.” 

Vickye Fisher in a review in For The Country Record also writes of the “soulful” qualities of the album's “great songs.” She characterizes Crazy Heart as “country noir”, A Fool Who Cries as “punchy roots rock.” Losing You, she says, has “southern rock strut”, Dream is a “lovely lullaby”, and Sparrow is “intriguingly experimental folk.” 

Iain Patience, who reviewed the album in Fatea Records UK, writes of Bradshaw's “keen ear” for the “traditions of country music.” He says Bradshaw's lyrics ring “true and straight”, mentions “strong” vocals, and writes: “The songs themselves have a positively late sixties/early seventies side to them while remaining rooted in modern country/Americana with Bradshaw's lyricism at times hypnotically catchy. This is a guy who can sure write and play in the modern Americana tradition with complete ease, bags of quality and evocative confidence.” 

Dave Simpson in Puremzine says that the album is “full of feeling and fervour.” 

And Danny McCloskey writes in The Alternate Root: “Whatever You Wanted shows the benefits of reading, writing, and rambling as Bob Bradshaw picks melodies that offer dark Americana (The Start of Nothin'), meaty mountain music (Sparrow), Alt Country (Losing You), and Folk Rock on the title track. The album slides into Go Get Along duetting on a Country and Western break-up reel as Bob packs the van with memories of a job well done for The Long Ride Home.” 

It's often hard to make coherent translations of European reviews but here's a few key comments: 

Holland's AltCountry says Bradshaw is a “controlled singer-songwriter with soul in his thunder.” Germany's Hooked On Music calls Whatever You Wanted a 'rich, folky” album. Il Popolo Del Blues from Italy says Bradshaw's “style touches many strings between country, tex-mex, swing and soul.” AltCountry from Belgium calls Bradshaw a “songwriter of the better kind”, compares him to Ryan Adams, and singles out the “hypnotic” Crazy Heart. Belgium's Keys and Chords says that Bradshaw has a “very strong voice and is surrounded by magnificent musicians”, compares him to Chris Isaak and says that Bradshaw “travels with class across the contemporary musical landscape.” Rootstime from Belgium admires the “momentum” he has built up as an “interpreter of Americana”, compares him to Los Lobos, and singles out The Start Of Nothin' as a “sure-fire hit.”


11/28/15 - Out Of the Woods w/Jon Concord: The Start Of Nothin'.
11/26/15 - Leader's American Pie w/Richard Leader: Crazy Heart.
11/25/15 - Northern Sky w/Allan Wilkinson: Whatever You Wanted.
11/25/15 - Off The Beaten Track w/Colin Bertram: Whatever You Wanted, Losing You.

11/23/15 - Amazing Radio w/Kathryn Tickell: 
Whatever You Wanted, Go Get Along.
11/22/15 - Front Porch w/Dan Plaster, KLCC: Before.
11/21/15 - KRC w/Don Chisholm, Scotland: Losing You.
11/16/15 - Gilded Palace Radio Radio Hour w/Scorcher Shane: The Start Of Nothin'.

11/16/15 - International Americana Radio Show w/Michael Park: The Start Of Nothin'.
11/15/15 - Folk Renaissance Radio Show w/Abby Parks: Whatever You Wanted.
11/15/15 - Detour w/Paul Hartman, WTMD: The Start Of Nothin'.
11/15/15 - Front Porch w/Dan Plaster, KLCC: Losing You.

11/15/15 - Eclectic Chair w/Trish Lewis: Crazy Heart, Sparrow.
11/14/15 - Local Folk w/Patrick Coman, WUMB: Crazy Heart.
11/12/15 - The Country Music Show w/Phil Lyons: Whatever You Wanted.
11/13/15 - Late Show w/Cherrie McIlwaine, BBC Radio Ulster: The Start Of Nothin'.

11/10/15 - Kippenvel w/Ruud Heijjer, NL: The Start Of Nothin'.
11/8/15 - Front Porch w/Dan Plaster, KLCC: Losing You.

11/6/15 - Blues Before Midnight w/Ian McKenzie: Before.
11/3/15 - Plastico Elastico w/Pacopepe Gil, Spain: Whatever You Wanted.

11/2/15 - After Midnight w/Noel Casey, Dublin City FM: The Start Of Nothin'.
11/2/15 - Gilded Palace Radio Show w/Scorcher Shane, UK: High.
11/1/15 - Front Porch w/Dan Plaster, KLCC: Go Get Along.
11/1/15 -  Blues Corner w/Tony Corner, UK: Whatever You Wanted.

10/31/15 - Local Folk w/Patrick Coman: Crazy Heart.
10/30/15 - Highway 61 w/Massimo Ferro, Radio Voce Spazio, Italy: Whatever You Wanted.
10/29/15 - The Country Music Show w/Phil Lyons: The Start Of Nothin'.
10/27/15 - Roots Paradise w/Paul Van Gelder, NL: Crazy Heart
10/27/15 - Gilded Palace Radio Show w/Scorcher Shane: Sparrow.

10/26/15 - Americana Music Show w/Calvin Powers: A Fool Who Cries.
10/25/15 - Acoustic Revival w/Jim Canales: Whatever You Wanted.
10/24/15 - Lost Highway w/Doug Gesler, WMBR: Go Get Along.
10/22/15 - Late Date w/ Alf McCarthy, RTE Radio 1: The Long Ride Home.
10/20/15 - Hillbilly Jukebox w/Rolf Hierath, Germany: Go Get Along
10/19/15 - Peelgrass w/Rein Wortelboer, Venray, NL: Sad Songs.
10/19/15 - Plastico Elastico w/Pacopepe Gil, Spain: The Start Of Nothin'.
10/19/15 - Americana Radio Show w/Calvin Powers: Losing You.

10/19/15 – Kippenvel w/Ruud Heijjer, NL: The Start Of Nothin'
10/18/15 – Big Blues Bonanza w/Joe Singleton: Losing You, High.

10/18/15 - The Eclectic Chair w/Trish Lewis: Go Get Along, Losing You.
10/17/15 - Out Of The Woods w/Jon Colcord: Sparrow.
10/15/15 - The Country Music Show w/Phil Lyons: A Fool Wo Cries.
10/15/15 - Rockin' The Country, Get Read To Rock! Radio, UK: Whatever You Wanted.
10/15/15 - Beale St, Radio Mol, Belgium: High
10/15/15 - Radio Verulam, The Country Hour w/Michael Hingston: Before.
10/14/15 - Americana Music Show w/Calvin Powers, WHUP: Sparrow.
10/13/15 - w/Ruud Keijjer, NL: Before.
10/12/15 - Leader's American Pie w/Richard Leader: Sparrow.
10/12/15 - The Blues Hour w/Wart Hoover, SevernFM, UK: Crazy Heart.
10/12/15 - Lost Music Saloon w/Garry Morse, WRIR: Whatever You Wanted.
10/12/15 - AmazingRadio w/Kathryn Tickell, UK: The Long Ride Home.
10/11/15 - Eclectic Chair w/Trish Lewis: The Start Of Nothin', Whatever You Wanted.
10/9/15 - Blues Before Midnight w/Ian McKenzie KCOR: Crazy Heart.
10/8/15 - Late Date w/Alf McCarthy, RTE Radio 1: Whatever You Wanted.
10/8/15 - Folkal Point w/Colin McDonald, Scotland: The Start Of Nothin'.
10/8/15 - BealeStreet, Radio Mol, Belgium: Go Get Along.
10/6/15 - Scattering The Roots w/Dan Ogus: The Start Of Nothin'.
10/5/15 - Peelgrass w/Rein Wortelboer, Venray, NL: Go Get Along
10/5/15 - Four Strong Winds w/John Rumsey, KVMR: The Start Of Nothin'.
10/4/15 - Mystery Train Radio Hour w/Alex Huskisson: The Start Of Nothin'.
10/3/15 - Lost Highway w/Doug Gesler, WMBR: Go Get Along.
10/3/15 - Out Of The Woods Radio w/ Jon Colcord: Whatever You Wanted.
10/2/15 - Honky Tonk Radio Hour w/Jeremy Rees: A Fool Who Cries.
10/1/15 - Rockin' the Country w/Stuart Hamilton, UK: The Long Ride Home.
10/1/15 - Folk Directions w/Gerry Goodfriend: Go Get Along.
10/1/15 - Grass, Roots & Jambalaya w/Frank Manigrasso: The Start Of Nothin'.
9/30/15 - Roots Paradise w/Paul Van Gelder, NL: Crazy Heart.
9/30/15 - Radio Isa w/Mike Penard, France: The Start Of Nothin', Crazy Heart, Losing You.
9/30/15 - Midnight Campfire w/Chris T: Crazy Heart.
9/30/15 - Undercover, Radio Capelle NL: A Fool Who Cries.
9/30/15 - Delta Rhythm w/Jan Willem Bos, Havenstad FM, NL: Sad Songs.
9/29/15 -  Roots w/Norbert Knape, Radio Ems-Vechte-Welle, Germany: Crazy Heart.
9/29/15 - Roots N'Offshoots with Carol Courneen: Crazy Heart
9/29/15 - Leader's American Pie w/Richard Leader: Whatever You Wanted
9/29/15 -, Ruud Keijjer, NL: A Fool Who Cries.
9/29/15 - For Folk's Sake w/Dessie Fisher, N.I.: The Start Of Nothin'.
9/28/15 - Peelgrass w/Rein Wortelboer, Venray, NL: Whatever You Wanted.
9/28/15 - Americana Music Show w/Calvin Powers: The Start of Nothin', Losing You, Sparrow, A Fool Who Cries, Go Get Along.
9/28/15 - Country Programma w/Rein Wortelboer, NL: Whatever You Wanted.
9/27/15 - Americana Radio w/Paul van Gelder, Harky, NL: Crazy Heart. 
9/27/15- Folk Renaissance w/Abby Parks: Whatever You Wanted.
9/27/15 - Celtic Heartbeat w/Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales: Go Get Along.
9/26/15 - Roots w/Norbert Knape, Ems-Vechte-Welle, Germany: Crazy Heart.

9/25/15 - Late Date w/Alf McCarthy, RTE Radio 1: The Start Of Nothin'.
9/24/15 - Folk Directions w/Gerry Goodfriend: The Start Of Nothin'.
9/23/15 - Almost Famous w/Brian Carroll, WADT: The Start Of Nothin'.
9/22/15 - Delta Rhythm w/Jan Willem Bos,  Havenstad FM, NL: Crazy Heart.
9/21/15 - PeelGrass - Radio Venray, NL: The Start Of Nothin'.

9/21/15 - Country Programma w/Rein Wortelboer, NL: The Start Of Nothin'.
9/18/15 - Crossroads - ZuidWest FM, NL: The Start Of Nothin'.

9/17/15 - Folkal Point w/Colin McDonald - The Start of Nothin'.
9/16/15 - the Troubadour Show - The Long Ride Home.
9/15/15 - Late Show w/Cherrie McIlwaine - BBC Radio Ulster: The Long Ride Home.

9/15/15 -, Ruud Keijjer, NL: The Start Of Nothin'.
9/13/15 - The Miller Tells Her Tale Americana Radio: A Fool Who Cries.
9/13/15 - Blues Show w/Gary Grainger, UK: Losing You.

9/13/15 - Country File, the Americana zone, NL: Crazy Heart.
9/12/15 - Amazing Radio: The Front Porch, UK: Losing You.
9/9/15 - Late Show w/Cherrie McIlwaine - BBC Radio Ulster: Dream, The Start of Nothin'.

Americana songwriter and singer Bob Bradshaw has spent twenty-five years exploring the music of his adopted country, and it's all on display in his new album 'Whatever You Wanted'- roots-rock, western swing, country soul, and acoustic ballads reminiscent of the great songwriters who inspire him: John Hiatt, Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt.

Raised in Ireland and educated in bar-rooms, clubs and honky tonks across the United States – and at Boston's Berklee College of Music from which he graduated in 2009. This new album, Bob's sixth, contains his characteristically earnest, evocative, cinematic songs - songs about relationships and identity, songs about loss and hope, songs about songs.

Produced by Bradshaw and main co-writer and bassist Scoop McGuire, 'Whatever You Wanted' is full of Bradshaw's soulful singing accompanied by some of the best musicians around. Highlights include Duke Levine's spooky, spare guitar on the noirish 'Crazy Heart' and his bluesy playing on the hard-driving 'Losing You'; Duncan Wickel's cello and fiddle on the mischievous, rhythmically playful 'Sparrow'; Annalise Emerick's sassy singing on the western-swing duet 'Go Get Along'; Scott Aruda's trumpet and Joe Stewart's trombone on the wry 'A Fool Who Cries' and on 'Before' a stately lament for a lost friend, which also features Duncan Wickel's haunting strings; Chad Manning's atmospheric twin fiddles on 'Go Get Along'; Flynn's acoustic guitar on the jaunty 'Whatever You Wanted'; James Rohr's elegaic piano on the album's wistful final track 'The Long Ride Home'; and Francisco Matas' inventive drumming and percussion-playing throughout. Not to mention the stellar ensemble playing on the yearning 'The Start of Nothin', the sweet, poignant 'Dream', and the 70's pensive soul of 'Sad Songs'

Previous reviews have praised Bradshaw's music as “spare yet abundant…. sometimes suddenly, startlingly nimble” (Sean Walsh, BIR) and singled out its “quiet symphony of ghostly and evanescent airs” (Mark Tucker, FAME). His songwriting has “more than enough beauty and inventiveness to lift the coldest heart” (David Kleiner, Minor and has “spare, engaging melodies, catchy hooks and inspired lyrics… however he lays down their content – swift or slow, abrupt or extended, exultant or heart-rending (Tom Franks, Folkwords UK). And Taxi Music has called Bradshaw “a cross between Ray Davies, Randy Newman and Ryan Adams.”

Available now: 'Whatever You Wanted' digital downloads - mp3s and WAV files. Just click the store button at the top of the page.
CD and digital downloads: CD Baby.
Available October 12th on iTunes in a special Mastered For iTunes version!

Interview and songs with Doug Gesler on WMBR


Tuesday, December 29th - Midway Cafe, 3496 Washington St, Boston with Andrew Stern, 9pm.