Irish-born, US based singer-songwriter Bob Bradshaw - some of whose previous albums have had titles like ‘Enjoy Your Confusion’ and ‘Some Assembly Required’ has decided to call his new album simply ‘Home.’

Bradshaw’s music is “spare yet abundant… sometimes suddenly, startlingly nimble” (Sean Walsh, Boston Irish Reporter)
 is “a quiet symphony of ghostly and evanescent airs” (Mark Tucker, Folk & Music Exchange),has “more than enough beauty and inventiveness to lift the coldest heart” (David Kleiner, Minor and has “sparse, engaging melodies, catchy hooks and inspired lyrics… however he lays down their content - swift or slow, abrupt or extended, exultant or heart-rending” (Tom Franks, Folkwords UK)

"A cross between Ray Davies, Randy Newman and Ryan Adams"  - Taxi Music.

Interview and songs with Doug Gesler on WMBR

Red Line Roots 2 Year Anniversary Show
Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge
Saturday, February 28th @ 8.30pm